Atv TAO MOTORS the NEW T-FORCE for Young 7 Years and More

Enjoy nature with the NEW T-FORCE, pure happiness for your children

Same design as TAOTAO T-FORCE but improved version

The NEW T-FORCE is designed with a new engine, muffler pro-racing, improved suspension, shod on more aggressive tires with aluminum rim and more

• Remote shutdown remote control

• Speed limiter

• Automatic transmission (D / N / R)

• Aluminum rim and aggressive tire

• Color chassis

• Seat height 15 ''

• Wing contour

• Rear luggage rack (optional $ 49.99)

All our ATVs are assembled and adjusted to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle by our technicians


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Atv TAO MOTORS the NEW T-FORCE for young from 7 years old and up

Same design as TAOTAO T-FORCE but improved version

The NEW T-FORCE is designed high, tall, massive and shod on larger (8 ") tires for more aggressive handling and comfort for kids

TAO MOTORS has given the NEW T-FORCE a color chassis that gives it a style that goes well with its aluminum rims and high quality shock absorbers

For the pleasure of driving the steering wheel was mounted on a shaft installed on a ball bearing which gives it softness in turns

The TAO MOTORS NEW T-FORCE ATV is equipped with a new 125cc high-pressure 4-stroke automatic reverse (D/N/R) engine and a brand new air filter incorporated into an easier-to-maintain air box, which is watertight. the water and the snow, this new engine is also equipped with a standard pro-racing silencer that gives it a beautiful sound power without being annoying for your neighbor

The TAO MOTORS ATV has a remote shut-off remote control for better parental control, a speed limiter to maximize safety and now a time counter for easy maintenance

The NEW T-FORCE has LED lights on the front and rear which allows him to see his way in the evening.

This ATV offers a great chance to enjoy the trails and even accomplish tasks around the yard and carrying light loads.


In 2019 TAOTAO makes a 90 degree turn with TAO MOTORS More than 5 years of work in the offices of TAOTAO have been necessary to create and develop the new concept TAO MOTORS. The atv range of quality and durability worthy of the Japanese brand but while maintaining an affordable price for the consumer.

Engineers at TAO MOTORS have designed new atvs that are very practical and easy to maintain. Each new model has been designed for use to suit everyone's needs.

The production chain and the control of the raw materials make it possible to determine an excellence of the level of quality. The Force of TAO MOTORS is also a trained and duly experienced staff to meet your requirements. They are surrounded by the best Chinese engineers and designers, to design high quality products at a reasonable price

The new TAO MOTORS range brings the TAOTAO brand into a new era! New look, new frame, hang on your handlebars these bikes put a slap on everyone else in the atv market

 The design intelligence of the new plastic kits is felt as soon as you sit on the bike. After the first rounds, we realize the real magnitude that all these differences generate.

You want to buy the atv strong enough and solid for an adult but designed for a child, This new atv TAO MOTORS the NEW T-FORCE 125cc meets your requirements.

The all new atv from TAO MOTORS, the 125cc NEW T-FORCE.


Technical sheet

-Length-60 "

-LARGEUR- 37.5 "

-Height- 40 "

-Heel foot-to-seat-15

-Dimensions of front wheels- 19x7-8

-Size of the rear wheels-19x9.5-8

It is done in 2 colors and variants, let choose your little driver his favorite ATV!

Blue with black frame

White with red frame



The atv TAOTAO and APOLLO are much more reliable than its counterparts. We assure you a large inventory of original and performance parts in store and online for guaranteed service and satisfaction.


All our children's atv are tested by our adult team to ensure a solidity that meets our high standards of the store.


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Note: Due to our large volume of sales we can not update our inventory daily regarding colors please call us at our store for color availability at 450-562-0007 or toll free at 1-855-562-0007.

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Data sheet

Dimension of front wheels
Dimension of back wheels
Fuel Capacity(L)
Front Hand Brake
Rear Foot Brake
Ground Weight
115.5 kg
Net Weight
100 kg