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Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...
  • Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric...

Gotrax EBE 8 - Electric bike all terrain

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The GOTRAX EBE8 with the practical fender, 48v 15 Ah battery, 500 W motor, 21-speed Shimano, 5 levels of assistance, 27.5p tire, 150 km range

It is part of the new series of high performance electric bikes from GOTRAX

They are specially assembled for the harsh conditions of CANADA. More powerful, rainproof motors

The GOTRAX EBE 8 is a cyclist's dream. If you are looking for maximum distance and maximum speed, the EBE 8 is for you.

Up to 150 km per charge!

Equipped with a high capacity 48v 15amp battery, the EBE 8 can reach up to 150 km with pedal assistance or up to 60 km using only the scooter function (without pedaling).

VTT LACHUTE... for the pleasure of riding

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VTT LACHUTE… for the pleasure of riding

GOTRAX EBE 8 - Electric Mountain Bike

Redesigned for the next level

We continued our GOTRAX series with the EBE 8 at 21 speeds and 48v 15 amp battery.


The EBE 8 is designed with a functional aluminum mountain bike frame, making it durable and lightweight for riding over more than one terrain complete with practical mudguard.

 Lightweight aluminum frame

With a 48v 15 amp battery and more capable motor, this bike will get you where you need to go.

High performance series built to last


The EBE 8 is one of our high performance electric bikes designed to glide easily through city or country streets

Enjoy the fun of e-bike

Reach New Speeds - The waterproof 500 watt motor specially designed for the Canadian climate that provides high torque and maintains low power consumption reaching speeds of up to 32km / h. Take commuting to a whole new level and help you increase your daily commutes or mountain trips


The EBE 8 is equipped with a front suspension, giving cyclists more control downhill and better control when braking and Allows you to ride unhindered our famous roads of Quebec


The GOTRAX EBE 8 supports riders up to 265 lbs.

Front suspension

High capacity battery: the lithium-ion battery allows in scooter mode (without pedaling) up to 60 KM and a pedal assisted mode up to 150 KM. The removable, frame-built lock battery ensures that you don't worry about being stolen.

Integrated removable battery

With its lightweight design - The EBE 8 is suitable for travelers, which makes it easy to store in the car holder, on the bus to visit many pleasant places


The EBE 8 features pedal assist technology to make riding easier and faster. Choose between 21 speed settings and travel up to 150 km per charge using the pedal assist function at 3 different assisted cruising levels - 1 speed: 19 km / h, 2 speeds: 23 km / h 3 speeds: 27 km / h 4 speeds 31 km / h 5 speed 32 km / h or with a scooter style accelerator without pedaling

21 speed levels

Enough for a day of adventure or most weekend trips.

Double disc brakes and electronic anti-lock braking system ensure safe driving.

The GOTRAX EBE 8 is equipped with an easy to use display, conveniently located on the handlebars the large intelligent multi-function LCD display shows speed / 5 gears / battery level / error indicator / total mileage / single mileage / status of headlights.

Smart LCD display with built-in 5V USB port to charge your mobile devices.

Large led screen

This e-bike is equipped with a horn and a powerful LED front light for safe night riding.

LED front light



So enjoy the pleasure of the e-bike at a low price




• 48v 18 AMP battery

• 21 speed derailleur

• Autonomy of Over 80 km (pedal assistance) or 40 km with the scooter function ·

• 5 assist speed modes 1 speed: 19 km / h, 2 speeds: 23 km / h, 3 speeds: 27 km / h, 4 speeds: 31 km / h, 5 speeds: 32 km / h.

• • 500W motor specially designed for Canadian climates

• Speed ​​of 32km / h


Front and rear fender

• Lightweight aluminum

• Weight of 49lbs

• Front rear disc brakes and anti-lock braking system

• Transmission system: Shimano professional 21 speeds


• All terrain tires 27.5 "

• Size - 68.1 "x24.8" x 42.1 "suitable for a 5.4 to 5.9 foot rider.

• Maximum rider weight - 265LBS

• Bike weight - 49 lbs

• Large LED screen: battery level, front light switch, 5 levels of assistance

For gotrax product light assembly required or Optional assembly and preparation costs

* Free shipping does not apply to this bike, shipping costs are extra.*

All our electric bikes are assembled and adjusted by certified technicians to ensure their proper operation.
This product is much more reliable than its counterparts. We assure you a large inventory of original parts and performance in store and online for guaranteed service and satisfaction. VTT LACHUTE is the largest distributor of Tao Tao Chinese ATVs in Quebec. We have more than 150 vehicles in stock in stores. We are open to individuals and merchants 7 days a week.
Note: Due to our high volume of sales, we cannot update our inventory daily regarding colors. Please call us in-store for colour availability at 450 562-0007.


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