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 A scooter with a Vespa look for ecological driving


The TAOTAO VESPA 806 60v electric scooter is sure to turn heads

The VESPA 806 is an electric scooter with a vintage look that is both very light and practical in everyday life

With the TAOTAO VESPA 806 electric scooter, we cannot tell you how much fun you will have with city walks, beating the traffic passing in front of all the cars stopped in addition with an Italian style

50 km range

3 performance levels

Quiet 60v motor of 500w +


Rear luggage rack

Now optional lithium battery (more powerful, lighter and faster charging)

This vehicle requires no license plate, no driving license and no insurance to be able to travel on the road.


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Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular these days because people are tired of the high cost of city trips and traffic hassles

Here is our new model VESPA 806. We worked hard to further improve the finishes and comfort

We stay on the same retro look that we wouldn't change for the world. And as usual, there is no need to do revisions.

The VESPA 806 is equipped with a "full wheel" motor with a power of 500 Watts +. with these three selectable operating modes.

The fast mode, in closed circuit or on track, can propel the scooter up to 45kmh.

In Street mode, it works like a scooter with a maximum speed of 32 km / h.

And bike mode (weak) When used conservatively at 25 km / h most people can travel up to 60kmh per charge.

 Whether you ride for fun, commute to work, or simply want a scooter for shopping, the VESPA DE TAOTAO will not disappoint.

This Italian model is powered by five 12 Volt gel batteries connected in series and totaling 60 Volts / 20 Amps. These allow a range of approximately 40 to 70 km per charge, depending on the weight of the driver and the road conditions encountered.

Gel batteries fit under the floor. To recharge it, nothing could be simpler: just plug it in at home or elsewhere on a normal outlet.

Now optional lithium battery

Lithium batteries are more powerful, lighter and recharge faster

Lithium batteries recharge much faster and are much lighter than conventional gel batteries so the scooter will go faster and have more autonomy an option considered

In terms of comfort, the TAOTAO VESPA electric scooter does not disappoint and as far as safety is concerned, The VESPA electric scooter is equipped with disc brakes at the front and rear and large 12 inch super grip tires for smooth driving every time.


Its frame is made of carbon steel covered with elegant plastic panels for aerodynamics and Italian style

In addition, this electric scooter is equipped with a digital dashboard indicating the battery level, speed, distance traveled as well as an alarm system

The VESPA 806 has LED headlights. Visibility is therefore never a problem.

Designed to accommodate two passengers, the TAOTAO VESPA 806 is ideal for a city trip

Color option: blue or black

Our scooters are fun, comfortable and easy to drive.

 The TAOTAO VESPA 806 was designed and built by enthusiasts like you. Our team has been riding motorcycles for years and discovered that electric scooters are just as fun and enjoyable as gas powered scooters.

 If you are looking for an electric scooter capable of transporting you quickly and safely, and without breaking the bank, the electric VESPA 806 is worth a detour

Come and get your TAOTAO VESPA today !!!!

Technical sheet

 Color: black or blue

Motor: 500w +

Battery: 60v 20amp gel

Now optional lithium battery

Range: 60 km

Speed: 3rd speed 45 km / h off road

               : 2nd speed 32 km / h legal on roads

               : 1st speed 25 km / h for more autonomy

Seat height: 74cm

Total height: 100cm

Total length: 165cm

Front tire: 3,50-10

Rear tire: 3,50-10


TAOTAO and VOLT e-bikes are much more reliable than their counterparts. We assure you a large inventory of original parts in store and online for guaranteed service and satisfaction.


All our E-BIKE are tested by our team to ensure a solidity that meets our high store standards.


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