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VTT LACHUTE is now equipped with top-quality SUPER SOCO electric motorcycles!!

Safety, Power and Happiness!

The TC-PRO motorcycle, twin of the TC MAX, is a limited edition. 
Its 4600w 125cc engine offers it unrivalled strength and power in store. You will be charmed by its suspension that offers the driver a real feeling of flying.

This jewel will charm all sports enthusiasts who will try it out.

This motorcycle must be registered and requires only a scooter or car license.

Come and try it out right here! 

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The TC-PRO is built with a unique mechanics. It holds the reputation of the best gasoline-free motorcycle equivalent to 125cc in Europe.

It was designed on the basis of the divided chassis concept of a racing motorcycle. This electric motorcycle includes a wide and comfortable bench that can accommodate two people. This one can support up to 308 lbs.

It was made for your safety and that of the motorcycle. It starts only with a button and is almost impossible to leave without the supplied remote control. A GPS included and influenced by an application creates ease of localization all over the world. In addition, the steering wheel locks bringing peace of mind to the owner.

It ensures ease of driving and traffic, as the power of the 5kw peak increases and decreases very rapidly. It is ideal for driving in the city.

It offers, so all the reasons to use your new motorcycle in your daily life.

SOCO motorcycles are all manufactured under DUCATI motorcycle license

Driving requires a scooter or regular driving license, insurance and registrations.

Super Soco TC Max debuted on the European market in 2018 and became the best electric motorcycle equivalent to 125CC ICE motorcycles in Europe. In 2020 Super Soco released a Limited edition of bike with almost identical specification – Super Soco TC Pro. It is a limited version of TC Max with only 1000 bikes produced. Their retail price is $1,000 less than and still eligible for $500 CAD rebate in QUEBEC.TC Max As an exclusive Super Soco distributor for QUEBEC  we secured a quantity of TC Pro.

TC Pro is a zippy bike as its twin brother TC Max. IT is very entertaining and will make your daily commute a pleasure. Unlike gas engines, the electric motor dumps torque into the rear wheel at once, so rather than revving up you get immediate bite at the slightest twist of the throttle.

Developed in collaboration with Bosch, for the engine part, assembled in China from European parts, this model targets a clientele of bikers, concerned about the pleasures of piloting and rides. The engine develops 5 kW peak power, which gives it nice accelerations. It peaks fairly quickly, more than sufficient for a busy urban traffic. The line is indeed that of a motorcycle, slightly “vintage”, a kind of nicely dressed roadster. Everything is reminiscent of the motorcycle: braking, efficient, line, attractive, handling, almost flawless.

TC Pro is distinguished in particular by a round LED headlight, a suspended ribbed saddle, an “engine” cowling with a contemporary style and aluminum mag or spoked wheels .  The easy-to-read meter displays the battery charge level, the remaining range, the driving mode engaged and the standard indications (speed, mileage, etc.). 


battery soco tc pro

The Super Soco TC Pro is equipped with a keyless start system. All you have to do is press the central Power button under the handlebars to turn it on. Located in the dummy tank, the 3.2 kWh Bosh battery charges between 4 and 5 hours on a standard outlet. On full charge it provides up to 130 km range on ECO mode and 90 km on full speed.  Easy to extract from its housing, it will be easy to “refuel” at home or at the office.  Sophisticated algorithm dynamically calculates the State of Charge (SOC) and displays this on the dashboard in the form of remaining riding distance available.

motor soco tc pro

With TC Max and TC Pro V-Moto replaced the TC hub motor with 5,500RPM axial flux motor. The high motor speed is converted in to instant torque through a toothed belt and its 5000W makes this torque sustainable enough maintaining a steady speed even on serious inclines.

The European version of TC Pro can achieve 90km/h but after 75km/h the pick-up is almost unnoticeable. As this bike is made for the city, we decided to limit its speed to 70km/h but kept almost proportional increase of the torque till its max speed.

The heart of the bike–the controller–is encased in a one piece ribbed die-cast aluminum box for exceptional heat dissipation. It is mounted on the front of the bike for more efficient cooling although its oversized current ratings would allow it to stay cool even during long uphill rides. It is a Field Oriented Controller (FOC) which has a vector control algorithm that maintains efficiency in a wide range of speeds. This controller also dynamically takes into consideration torque changes according to the road conditions. Finally, it is equipped with a dedicated processor monitoring all electronic components ensuring a safe and efficient ride for you.


 chassis soco tc pro

The quality of the mechanical parts of the Super Soco TC are no less impressive than the quality of the electrical components. The unique mechanical construction starts from the chassis that is designed on the basis of the split frame concept of a racing motorcycle. This allows both a robust and light construction. The front end is robot-welded carbon steel that is then painted by electrophoresis. This only weighs 6kg. The rear half of the frame is robot-welded aluminum alloy argon and subjected to T6 heat processing to the strength of 240MPa. This means the bike is strong enough to carry a load of up to 150kg (330lb).


suspension soco tc pro

Along with its impressive rigidity, Super Soco TC Pro also comes with the comfort of exceptional suspension. The bike is supported by inverted 700mm long and 35mm wide motorcycle grade front shock absorbers. With 200mm travel distance, strong torsion resistance, and an aggressively positioned angle, it provides a comfortable ride even on rough terrain. The rear hydraulic and adjustable monoshock adds to the incredible comfort of Super Soco TC Pro. This bike features a comfortable retro style padded seat.

BRAKES and SAFETY features

brake system soco tc pro

The Super Soco TC Pro is equipped with a massive 240mm disk hydraulic double piston front brake with oversized floating callipers. The Super SOCO TC Pro factures high-quality Brembo hydraulic brakes and a Combined Brake System ( CBS ). CBS allows the rear brake to be combined with the front brake. Indeed, when you brake from the rear, the front brake will automatically activate in order to better balance the action and prevent you from unbalanced manual braking in an emergency situation.The smooth regenerative braking is always applied prior to the mechanical braking, thus acting as an Electric Anti Block System

The battery BMS algorithm also ensures that the maximum amount of converted electric power is recuperated


 light soco tc pro

The head light is incorporated in an elegant retro style enclosure. Six LED modules are fired in combinations for high/low beam and running head light. These provide brighter and more power efficient illumination than the equivalent capabilities of a halogen headlight. Over 8000 lumens are concentrated in a 35 degrees beam at high beam mode.

Thirty independent LEDs support a wide angle daylight running light. The rear running brake and turn signal LED lights are designed in a classic style matching the beauty of the retro shape of the bike.


 display soco tc pro

A combination analogue/digital display is enclosed in a retro style dashboard. It displays current speed and error codes, total mileage, controller temperature, real-time output current, battery state of charge, distance per charge, trip distance, remaining distance, ambient temperature and current time. All of this data can be displayed through a smartphone application when it is available at the end of the year. Three electronic gear switches, a hi/low beam headlight switch and motor kill switch are ergonomically positioned on the right-side of the handle bar.



sterring soco tc pro

The Super Soco TC Pro has a keyless start that only works with the proximity of its fob. It has mechanical and electronic theft protection devices. It is equipped with steering wheel lock that locks the handlebar in one position. Apart from that it is equipped with electronic keyless starting system that makes almost impossible to start the bike if you don’t have the remote ignition activation knob. The Motor automatically locks-up if the remote control is not present nearby. The bike is equipped with network enable GPS system which communicates with smart phone application and the bike can be located anywhere in the world. The application for North America is currently under development.

Data Sheet:


  • Engine: 12 Bosch 4600w - 125cc
  • Controller: BMOS
  • Max speed: 70kmh
  • Maximum torque: 150NM to 550RPM


  • Battery: 72v -45AH lithium
  • Battery protection: 100A BMS
  • Charger: 72v 5A Lion Max load: 6.5hours
  • 240mm Active Hydraulic Disc Front Brakes
  • Rear 180mm disc brakes
  • Inverted front suspension 700mmx35mm
  • Adjustable rear suspension
  • Frame: Split Concept Carbon Steel / 2024 Aluminum Alloy
  • ABS component
  • Classic/LCD Dashboard Light (displays current speed, total mileage, error codes, real-time output current, battery charge status, travel distance and remaining distance, ambient temperature and current time)
  • Light automatically adjusts its intensity according to ambient light
  • License plate light
  • Keyless start, integrated vibration sensitive alarm system with two remote controls
  • Steering lock, electronic rear wheel lock
  • Range: -Economy mode ( 130km)- Normal mode: (110km)- Sport mode: (90km)
  • GPS option


  • Motorcycle weight (without battery): 80kg
  • Front tire: 90.80.17
  • Rear tire: 110-70-17
  • Front wheel: 1.5 x 17
  • Rear wheel: 2.5x17
  • Seat distance: 30
  • Wheelbase: 52
  • Total length: 76

All our scooters are assembled and adjusted by certified technicians to ensure their proper functioning.

VOLT products are much more reliable than their counterparts. We assure you a large inventory of original and performance parts in store and online for guaranteed service and satisfaction. VTT Lachute is the largest distributor of Chinese Tao Tao ATVs in Quebec. We have more than 150 vehicles in inventory in store. We are open to individuals and traders 7 days a week.

Note: Due to our large volume of sales, we cannot update our inventory daily regarding colors. Please call us in branch for color availability at 450 562-0007.


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