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City or off-road? It’s your choice!

Time and money hold you back during your outings? Would you like to do your shopping or simply take a walk around town? Are you also a fan of RV driving?

We have an economical and ecological solution by easily combining the two modes in a single vehicle at a very affordable price!
The TINBOT electric motocross scooter is primarily manufactured to make your life easier with exemplary strength and power.

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*To drive this vehicle you will simply need a regular car license or scooter license version L, registration and insurance. *

All in lightness and softness you will have the feeling of driving an electric bicycle.

The TINBOT was built as a motocross, composed of high strength, solid steel materials and designed for off-road conditions. With a limit of 70km-H version L and 100km/h version M , it is classified according to LSM in Canada.
Only in 15 minutes you can swap this scooter in motocross. It is possible to purchase a second set of additional tires to offer the vehicle all the full capabilities of the off-road.

Kollter supplied a 5100 rpm motor and uses a pair of removable Panasonic Battery easily from 72v -32amp-hours with 4.6KWH of power. For a full charge, a duration of 4.5 hours is required and can support four hours in the wood tracks and 120km on city roads. In addition, a protective power of the EABS battery system optimizes the driving quality. This provides the scooter with reduced acceleration and braking. It is also equipped with very efficient and good quality brakes and a strong feeling of control during curves.

Tested on muddy terrain and for jumps, it will surpass all your expectations with absolute control. Let yourself be surprised by all the ergonomic features that this scooter presents as the long and comfortable banana seat, the position that the seat offers is pleasant !

Motor :

  • Air-cooled magnet synchronous motor
  • Engine rotation speed: 5100 RPM
  • Rated voltage: 72volt
  • Mobile wave current: 280A
  • Rated power: 5.0 KW
  • Peak power: 10.0 KW
  • Transmission: Gearboxes + Chain
  • Maximum speed: 70 kmh – 95kmh optionel


  • Battery: 72v – 32AH (x2) removable with a total capacity of 4.6KwH
  • Charger: 15A – Cast aluminum with external fan and LED display
  • Charging time: Regular charging power: 3.5 to 4.5 hours
  • Fast charge: 2 hours
  • USB plug: front and rear
  • Plug: 12volt
  • Hydraulic Disc Front Brakes – Equipped with CBS and EABS
  • Hydraulic Rear Disc Brakes – Equipped with CBS and EABS
  • Electric Brakes: regenerator, triggered by the actuation of the front or rear brake EABS
  • Front suspension: Reverse hydraulic damper 37mm adjustable rebound damper
  • Rear Suspension: Adjustable Spring Preload Medium Hydraulic Damper - Dynamic Absorber with Intersecting System, 20mm (1.8in.) Swivel Arm Travel
  • Material: High tensile strength steel
  • Process: Stamping welded TIG sheet
  • Seat: Padded banana seat, double seat
  • Illuminated Dashboard Classic-LCD displays: -Current speed, Total mileage, Error codes, Real-time output current, charging status and battery, Travel distance and remaining distance, ambient temperature and time!

Equipment :

  • Automatic lights estimating ambient light for good intensity.
  • Double mirror
  • Horn
  • Traffic lights, Tail lights, Brake lights, Hazard lights,
  • LED headlamp with focusing optics


  • Boot without key
  • Integrated vibration-sensitive alarm system with two remote controls
  • Steering lock and electronic rear wheel lock

Dimension :

  • Front wheel: 17x1.4 aluminium magnification wheel or aluminium spokes wheel, 21 x 1.4
  • Rear Wheel: 70-100-17 Aluminum Magnetic Wheel or 70-100-18 Tube Free Off-Road Wheel
  • Front tire: 70-100-14 road tires or 70-100-21 off-road tube-free motorcycle tires
  • Rear tire: Road tire 110-70-17 or tube-free tire 110-70-18.
  • Wheelbase: 1477mm (58 )
  • Seat height: OFF-ROAD: 88cm City road: 85cm
  • Distance to the ground: 320mm
  • Weight: 273lbs

Finally, we are glad to introduce a bike that would make your investment more valuable. The Kollter ES1-PRO-L is a double purpose bike. The range and the power make it an awesome transportation for getting around the city. It is actually built as a dirt bike with rigid components designed to be used in rough conditions. The ground clearance is the same as Zero FX and KTM Freeride electric off-road motorbikes. It does however meet the CMVS standards and it is certified by Transport Canada as street legal motorcycle. Even better, if you don’t have a motorcycle driver’s license you can purchase the LSM version and ride it with your regular motor vehicle driver’s license. And its price tag makes it a great budget alternative of Zero electric motorbikes for the city and the trails. It is also eligible for all provincial and Canada government rebates applicable for electric motorcycles. If you want to use the bike primarily on road, you can purchase it with its road mag wheels and tubeless tires and buy a second set of spoked wheels with off-road tires that can be changed for less than 15 min. Or you can ride it everywhere and each season with its knobby off-road tires. We stock also larger rear sprockets for off-road if you want to conquer mountain hills.

Kollter ES1-PRO-L uses a pair of 72 volt 32 amp-hours with total of 4.6KWH power Panasonic batteries which are removable so that you can charge them off the bike, if for example you park it on the street. Alternatively, you can just charge it through the port located under a flat near the bars, and thanks to the fast charger, in four and a half hours you should have a full charge from flat which can support you for four hours ride in the woods or up to 120 km on the road.

The Limited Speed -LSM Kollter electric motorcycles have a continuous power of 1,500 Watts but can reach up to 10,000 watts if there is a torque demand when used on hills. The Max speed of the LSM is limited to 70 km/h and there is no requirement for a motorcycle driver’s license. It does features however the same max torque as the high speed version.

When equipped with off-road wheels and tires, KOLLTER ES-1 PRO-L is similar in size to the largest dirt bikes like Honda CRF450, Yamaha YZ450F, KTM and Husqvarna Enduro and most ICE dirt bikes in the 250 – 450CC range. In terms of weight it is also comparable. But there are two essential differences from the ICE bikes – it is quiet and has no clutch and no gears. The central axial flux motor provides an instant torque and superior to many ICE motorbikes acceleration. It does also outperform many electric dirt bikes currently on the market either with range, power and with price.

The previous version of this bike was initially introduced to the European market in 2019 under different  OEM names like Tinbot, Artisan and Horwin – all in off-road and city versions. If you watch the YouTube reviews however, the difference, with earlier versions is that after 2020 the PRO version is twice more powerful, its speed is 100 km/h compared to 45 km/h for the previous version and has two removable batteries working in parallel. The two batteries make the bike capable to be used ridden for more than 4 hours in the woods and up to to 120km on the road. It comes with a fast charger and can be charged for less than 4 Hrs.



It is the latest technology axial flux motor – 72V, 10kW, 5,100 RPM motor with integrated gear box providing 220 Nm peak torque that makes this bike capable to accelerate with a twist of the throttle at any given speed “without changing gears”.  Axial flux electric motors have one of the highest usable power and torque densities of any electric vehicle drive motor available on the market today as opposed to the common radial flux. Because of this they can deliver the most power in the smallest package possible. Their high RPM provides immediate torque on start and low battery consumption rate as the motor efficiency is always maintained.

10,000 Watts peak power is packaged in a well-designed frame that can take hard off-road jumps with ease. By having a large RPM reduction between the motor and rear wheel…the amp-draw demands on the battery are lowered, and the motor also runs cooler.  The power from a standstill is enough so that you can wheelie it if you want to, but it does not unintentionally wheelie. The fast acceleration can keep you always ahead of the traffic. The rear wheel is driven by a massive chain that looks unlikely to break even at the claimed 10,000 Watts peak power that the motor puts out.

Axial flux electric motors have the highest torque to power ratio compared to any electric vehicle with radial flux drive available on the market today. Because of this they can deliver the most power in the smallest package possible.


Battery and Charger

With high discharge ratio 18650 battery cells, high power BMS, SOC battery statistics, 4 temperature sensors real-time monitoring, and host computer management process and data interface, it enables the battery to have the excellent high ratio load capacity, longer life time, and high safety and reliability. The two removable batteries are manufactured with the same cells as the ones used in the famous Sur-ron and Segway dirt bikes but they are 72V with combined capacity of 4.7 kWH compared to 2kWH of the sur-ron bikes.

The enormous 4.7kWH capacity of the dual pack ensures 130km range on a full charge.

The cells are rated for high discharge rate that allows continuously to be used at the maximum power without affecting their life.

These batteries also can be charged with higher current and therefore the bike comes with 15A charger and reduces the charging time in halve compare to any other electric bike that requires 5-6 hrs. The charger is also solid-state built-in cast aluminum case with external cooling fan. And because of the safe high charge current, this battery readily absorb the high current from the regeneration function of the controller more efficiently than any other battery.



Sine wave controllers are the latest in brushless motor controllers which smooth out many of the rough edges of the old school “square wave” controllers. They ensure silent operation of the motor.

The Kollter controller can be programmed in racing mode for immediate torque, or proportional acceleration, resulting in a much smoother and more predictable power curve throughout the entire range of operation.

The controller is designed for Axial flux electric motor resulting in 20% more torque than square wave/radial flux drive train combination which also ensures quieter motor operation.

This controller regenerates the kinetic energy back to the battery when coasting at speeds of over 8mph.  Regen braking puts charge back into your battery and most importantly preserves your brake pads.

You can also turn Regen off by hitting the “eco” switch whenever coasting and you will roll naturally without any regen resistance. This means you can coast like a bike when you want to.


The difference between 70km/h “L” version and 100km/h “M” version

It is actually the same bike with the same max torque and power. The difference is the nominal, or continuous power which for the LSM motorcycles is limited to 1,500 Watts. It is measured when the motorbike goes with constant speed on flat paved road. During acceleration or when climbing hills and the power demand increases, the controller delivers and motor can reach the peak power which is the same for the LSM and the high speed motorcycle. The 70km/h cap ensures that the continuous power does not exceed 1,500 watts when used on flat surface that makes Kollter compliant as Limited Speed Motorcycle and does not require a motorcycle license. The high speed Kollter however capable to reach 100km/h exceeds the 1500 watts on flat when over 70 km/h and it enters in a category of the high-speed motorcycles, requiring a motorcycle driver’s license.


500$ installation costs included!

All our scooters are assembled and adjusted by certified technicians to ensure their proper functioning.

VOLT products are much more reliable than their counterparts. We assure you a large inventory of original and performance parts in store and online for guaranteed service and satisfaction. VTT Lachute is the largest distributor of Chinese Tao Tao ATVs in Quebec. We have more than 150 vehicles in inventory in store. We are open to individuals and traders 7 days a week.

Note: Due to our large volume of sales, we cannot update our inventory daily regarding colors. Please call us in branch for color availability at 450 562-0007.


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