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E-MOTION  - Electric paddle...
  • E-MOTION  - Electric paddle...
  • E-MOTION  - Electric paddle...
  • E-MOTION  - Electric paddle...
  • E-MOTION  - Electric paddle...
  • E-MOTION  - Electric paddle...
  • E-MOTION  - Electric paddle...
  • E-MOTION  - Electric paddle...
  • E-MOTION  - Electric paddle...
  • E-MOTION  - Electric paddle...
  • E-MOTION  - Electric paddle...
  • E-MOTION  - Electric paddle...

E-MOTION - Electric paddle board - 500w

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Aquatic electric vehicle

Once again, VTT LACHUTE continues to innovate and be ahead of its competitors!


With a 500w motor, it offers an autonomy of 1h30 while sailing at 6.5 km/h!

This sea scooter is the result of a marriage between the inflatable board and the electric propulsion system!

The load capacity of this board is 180kg (400lbs). It is equipped with a transport system, that is to say, a wheeled backpack for the board and a case for the engine. All for a lower weight of 30kg!

Anyone can venture with this wonder!

VTT Lachute... for the pleasure of navigate!


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Aquatic electric vehicle

VTT LACHUTE is proud to present this new jewel of the seas! Once again, we continue to progress in electric technology, and here is finally an AQUATIC electric vehicle!

Paddle boarding is a sport in constant evolution in Quebec, which results in the fact that we bring you a challenge "à la VTT LACHUTE!" »

The inflatable board is associated with an electric propulsion system. This allows you to navigate for 1h30 at about 6.5 km/h.

Excellent for aquatic motor skills, the dimensions of the board have been designed for optimal driving with stability. The support for the weight is about 180kg (400lbs)


The E-Motion SUP is equipped with a backpack, both on wheels, in order to insert the board. The weight of this bag is 16kg and measuring 110X50X30cm. In addition, the engine is stored in a case provided for this purpose. This one weighs 11kg less and measures 105X37X30cm. Everything is thought out for both madam and sir!

This model of transport is simply one of the main characteristics compared to competitors. The SUP in "transport" format is suitable for all types of car trunk.


In addition to the propulsion and control system, the battery and the board.

Wheeled backpack
The wheeled backpack allows you to store the deflated board and provides easy transport.

High pressure pump
The included high pressure pump allows you to inflate the board in less than 10 minutes.

Paddle, 3 adjustable sections
The paddle provided is removable in three parts and adjustable from 165 to 215cm

Movable center fin
The fin of these "slide in" type boards slides into its notch with a simple hand and can be removed just as easily, without compromising its support during use.

Transport case on wheels
The transport case has been designed to be compact, light and easy to transport, while ensuring optimal protection of the propulsion system when traveling

Kill switch leash
The circuit breaker leash is equipped with a magnet which is placed on the handlebar and allows the motor to be cut off in the event of a fall for optimal safety


To guarantee maximum safety, we have equipped the E-Motion electric paddle board with a magnetic circuit breaker leash. Connected to the handlebars and to your grip on either side, it will allow you to instantly cut the engine in the event of a fall.

Regarding the battery level, we have equipped the handlebars with a light indicator (4 LEDs) and an audible signal that warns you of the low battery level.


If during practice, the battery comes to an end, the included paddle that attaches to the handles will allow you to reach the shore serenely.

DIMENSIONS: 10' X 41'' X 6''
SPEED: 6.5 km/h
MOTOR: 500w

E-Motion Coasto test, inflatable electric paddle
September 30, 2022
Stephane Hocquinghem

I had the chance, a few days ago, to be invited by the Poolstar company to try, with some influencers, what I would call the e-Motion electric paddle scooter.

Suffice to say that with Laurent Maistret, Fred Bousquet and Marion, we had a great time on the water. That's why I offer you this presentation video on an extraordinary and really fun product.

I already know what you're going to tell me...

Stef what is this electric thing, it's not a paddle! Think again, it's a big paddle that also makes a sea scooter.

I suggest you discover it quickly with me before seeing what it looks like on the water. To start, it is indeed a double layer fusion drop stitch paddle, which you need to inflate to 15 Psi. As you can imagine, if you can go up to 18 Psi it's better.

It comes in a wheeled backpack with pump, 3-part paddle, leash and fin. The electrical part is in a suitcase on wheels with the battery, the charger and the circuit breaker leash. On the e-Motion, you have 9 neoprene reinforced handles, one at the back, one at the front, 6 at the sides and one in the middle.

Characteristics of the e-Motion Coasto

Little more, they have integrated rings. On the deck you have an EVA Grip. On one side, you can fix your paddle. You never know if you're out of battery or something. At the front, you have a deck net to attach your waterproof bag for example. In the middle and at the front, you have a hatch that allows you to put the engine or not.

Once the board is inflated, simply fit the propeller/motor unit to the handlebars and insert the battery. And finally, you have a circuit breaker leash which, as its name suggests, cuts off the machine if you ever fall in the water. The set weighs about 25 pounds.

Want to know what I think of the e-Motion Coasto ?

As you have seen, it is really a big board since it is more than 3 meters long, 105 cm wide and 15 cm thick. So in terms of stability, you can't do more stable. Once you're on the e-Motion, you put the circuit breaker leash on your right hand, you turn on the battery and the console.

To move forward, you press the right trigger, it's exactly the same system as on an electric scooter. Here we go, you move forward at 6.5 km/h with a range of up to 1h30 depending on your weight and the conditions.

One thing that I really liked was the reverse option to dock easily like a boat. And you even have cruise control that lets you let go of the throttle trigger and have your hands free.

Honestly, we don't really realize it but frankly it's progressing well and in the end you don't need to go much faster.

I see lots of uses for the e-Motion.

For rental companies, it is a super fun machine to offer. For individuals, it is a very good boat tender, it is also an ultra handy tool for those who work in marinas for example. Because yes, it has an impressive steering angle, it almost turns on itself, so it's ultra handy. And compared to a classic paddle, it's ultra stable.

I couldn't resist testing it in paddle mode.

You put a normal hatch instead of the handlebars and off you go, it works. Strength level, with Laurent we even played with e-Motion dodgems and we didn't break anything even if it's clearly not done for.

In conclusion.

Kudos to Poolstar with its Coasto brand for designing and manufacturing the e-Motion. It really is a nautical product that has its place.

So yes, it sells for $3495 but it's so fun.

In addition, it accepts a load of 180 Kg so you can even do two on it. It will be your ideal ally for your excursions on lakes, creeks and creeks with turquoise waters.

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