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Big Jeep VOLT electric 2 seat 4x4 for kids

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Big Jeep VOLT with battery 2 places 4x4 for young children

4 wheels driving

leather seat

Extra high ground clearance.

Real adjustable rear suspension, mini front suspension.

The car is fitted with a metal ignition key, which activates the sound of the fictitious engine.

New 2.4Ghz parental remote control - no interference, full control over the car, emergency stop.

New: USB port, radio and SD card.

EVA rubber tires: New technology, harder grip rubber and quieter

4 motors of (35 Watts) each


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Big Jeep VOLT with battery 2 places 4x4 for young children

Parents can have full control over the car with a remote control.

The JEEP 4X4 is a model specially designed for children who loves to walk in the woods or other place and which is very safe for them. Parents will be reassured with this new 2-seater JEEP.

The advantage of this car is that you will never lose the key because it is started with the push of a button. In addition, it has a working radio, a USB port and a place for SD cards.

The JEEP is also fitted with an EVA rubber tire. It is equipped with a functional horn, seat belts and access to a large 12-volt 10.5 amp battery crossed out, but easy to access located on the hood. In addition, we find 4 35-watt motors inside this 4X4 vehicle.

As for its appearance, we are entitled to leather benches, small steps, Jeep style doors with lock, mirror imitations on each side at the front, functional front lights, a front reflector with an LED bar as well as imitation lights on the hood.

The 2-seater JEEP allows children aged 2 to 6 years to have fun thanks to the large space between the benches and the back of the car.

With this purchase, your child will be more than happy.



Age: 2 to 6 Years

Maximum conductor size 3'6 ’’

Number of seats: 2 (Places)

Maximum load: 40 Kg (90 pounds)

Full function 2.4Ghz parental remote control (Av. Ar./Ga.-Dr.-Stop)

Emergency stop button and speed control on the remote control

This kids car has a seat belt to keep your child safe.

Areas of use: Asphalt, gravel, lawns and other flat and hard surfaces



Acceleration pedal

On - Forward / Reverse, with switch on the dashboard

Simple operation, suitable for children: "I push it forward, I lift my foot, it brakes ..."

Speeds: 2 Forward (Low 2-3 Km / h) (High 4-5 Km / h) 1 Reverse

4 high-performance 12-volt (35-watt) motors

1 12V-10Ah battery

Battery charger: 12 Volts (included)

External charging socket for easy use

Charging time: 6-8h for a full charge (300 Cycles)

Autonomy: 60 to 90 Min. (Depending on the use, the surface and the weight of the conductor)

Operating temperature (5-35) Degrees Celsius



Start key

Switch: On / Off

4-wheel drive switch button 2

Gear shift switch button

Storage at the back (for toys for example)

Doors that open, Hood that opens

Dual LED headlights, Rear lights

Three-spoke steering wheel

Sound controls on the steering wheel (horn, engine sound, melodies)

Radio, USB port, SD card input

Volume button

Adjustable rear suspension

Front suspension

Soft plastic EVA wheels



Box weight: 37 Kg (82 lbs)

Vehicle Weight: 32 Kg (70.5 lbs)

Box dimensions: 132 x 78 x 50 cm (52 ​​x 31 x 20 inches)

Vehicle dimensions: 125 x 83 x 61 cm (49 x 32.5 x 24 inches)

Seat width: 50 cm (19.5 inches)

Wheel diameter: 35 cm (14 inches)

Warranty: 6 months (Motor) 3 months (battery)

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