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E.TIME 12KW 21/18 electric MOTOCROSS


VTT LACHUTE presents the electric MOTOCROSS E.TIME

The electric motorcycle revolution

The E-TIME electric motocross for adults is just as ambitious as its gasoline counterparts, with the advantage of producing zero polluting emissions and almost no noise!


21/18 wheel, powerful 80v 12,000w motor, 4 speeds, 100km range or 4h off-road, 110v quick charge, maintenance free and more

We have an economical and ecological solution by easily combining the two modes in a single high-performance motocross bike at a very affordable price.

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E.TIME 12KW 21/18 electric MOTOCROSS

Featuring a new permanent magnet brushless synchronous electric motor (brushless motor), the E-TIME delivers a peak power of 12 kW (Approx. 17 hp) that torques your breath.and The clutch allows you to do turn your dirt bike like a motocross equipped with a combustion engine and is equipped with 4 gears, which allows you to set the exact torque you want.

Either a competitive electric motocross against a petrol motocross of equivalent size

Unlike electric dirt bikes of the past that lacked torque, this dirt bike gives you the torque of a gas dirt bike with 100% power from the start right off the line.

 Powered by powerful electric motors and a long-lasting 10A charger, this dirt bike can be recharged in less than 4 hours, giving you 100 km or approximately 5 hours of playtime for your off-road adventure.

The E-TIME is perfectly placed to make your off-road experience an emission and noise free experience.

Allow 5 hours for a full charge.

Effortless riding pleasure

Almost non-existent maintenance, a mechanical gearbox but no risk of stalling... In short, the pleasure of driving in its raw state!

 The more winding and narrow the tracks, the greater the pleasure.


The full torque is available from the first turns of the wheel, no more gear changes. Motorcycling has never been easier. And as the electric motor delivers 12 kW in maximum power, the E-TIME adult electric motorcycle is on the heels of many motorcycles equipped with an internal combustion engine.


A mechanical box on an electric motocross?

Indeed it may surprise, but the first advantage of the mechanical box on this electric motocross and the fact of being able to use it as a gasoline motorcycle.

 Except that you can't stall with the E.TIME! Indeed you can very well start in third or fourth to begin to get your hands on the bike and then shift to the first gears (much more nervous) when you know the bike better.


Clean and silent

No fuel and mixture, very little noise. You can now enjoy your off-road electric motorcycle without disturbing the neighborhood.

 A digital screen will show you the remaining battery level as well as your speed, which can easily reach 110 km/h.


Even more autonomy

80V 40A lithium battery provides comfortable 100km range


Technical sheet

E.TIME 12KW 21/18 electric MOTOCROSS

Engine type



Lithium 80V 40A


Max. 120km or + 4h off-road

Loading time

5h in standard charge


Max. 12Kw / 60Nm


4 manual speeds




V.max 100 -110km/h

Front brake

Hydraulic disc 260mm double piston

Rear brake

Hydraulic disc 220mm single piston

Front suspension

Adjustable 750mm

Rear suspension

Adjustable 300mm

Front tire


rear tire




Fuel Type



from 16 years old

saddle height




Max load


Dimensions (length x width x height)


All our motocross bikes are assembled and adjusted by certified technicians to ensure their proper operation.

Tao Tao and BSE products are much more reliable than their counterparts. We assure you a large inventory of original parts and performance in store and online for guaranteed service and satisfaction. MTB Lachute is the largest distributor of Tao Tao Chinese ATVs in Quebec. We have more than 150 vehicles in stock in stores. We are open to individuals and merchants 7 days a week.

Note: Due to our hight volume of sales, we cannot update our inventory daily regarding colors. Please call us in-store for colour availability at 450 562-0007


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